Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pink and Orange with black dress

These are the kinds of skirts that set my heart a flutter.  The are HUGE, tons of fabric, always long, always colorful, always full swirl, and have done most of the work for me in construction.  Can you imagine sewing all those layers?  And those black capri pants will make a nice bodice for a sun dress.  

Most women's capri pantsthat I find are loud colors or patterns, perfect for kids clothes.

I used as simple sundress bodice construction, which is just cutting out four layers of the top fabric.  I decided to save those folded hems on the legs in case I need them for later. Two pieces, sandwiched, sewn and flipped make the front, and same for the back.  I did topstitch around them to make it look nice and crisp.  

Then I added button holes to run a gross grain ribbon through.  

Nice sharp embroidery scissors make it easy to cut the slit in the button holes.

The skirt is so large that I am de-constructing it for several projects.

The top part of the skirt will make a nice shirt.   And I have the underskirt for something else too.

Those bottom layers, once removed, make up a LOT of width in fabric!  I'll only need half that width for this dress.  So expect several other projects from all this excess fabric.

 And here it is, nice and easy.

I plan to stitch the ribbon in place so it lies nice a flat and doesn't shift around or come untied.

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  1. Your daughter is gorgeous! And so is her dress. What a creative idea though, cutting a dress from pants! Now I know what to look for at the thrift shops lol.