Thursday, February 6, 2014

Puffy with paint drips

Here is another project from this fabric group.  I think I have three so far, two posted and one not quite finished.

The paint drip skirt has such an interesting pattern, I am leaving it as is lengthwise.

I just removed the waistband (and saved).  I decided to use that top band of fabric as the bodice.

Using this pattern piece, I cut out the arm holes on each side.  It is way too wide but such a soft fabric, I am going to gather it up the right width with a few sewn lines and let it be a puffy top.

Before I sewed the top, I decided to make it a puffy skirt too.  I did that by flipping it inside out, sewing the underskirt to the overskirt and then turning it back right side out.  Then I serged the top arm holes, flipped the serged edges to the inside.  The only exposed sewn parts were along the neck, which I serged and then turned down to run a ribbon through.

The tiger print matches the traces of brown that are in the paint drips.  I will say this fabric was like sewing cheesecloth....not fun.  But this will be light and airy for spring...if it ever comes.

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