Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ruffles and ruffle pants

For a complete outfit, I'll need half of the bottom half of the lovely orange and pink skirt from a previous project.  I've lost count of how many projects I got  from that one fabric grouping, and I still owe a post a mother daughter top deal.  Well this is another case of an IOU post.  I'll likely attach some of that layer skirt to an existing tshirt and show it later.  The other item  here is a skirt made of that super ruffle material.  That is the focus here.  You can see the entire outfit when I pull my act together.

I am going to freestyle with this pants pattern, to make ruffle culottes, just leaving the width in the legs. I am just letting that zipper go.  I saved it of course.  I was careful to cut one layer only when cutting out the back.

And here is the front panel of the leg, being used face down and not needing a side seam.  Again, cutting one layer only.  Not easy when those ruffles keep snagging on the scissors.

And all that is left are two godets....perfect for flares on some jeans.  Hmmm?  Save.

See how I was able to line up the rows of an expert.  No really, I had to unstitch and resew when I saw that several rows on the butt were flipped the wrong way.

Once I got them sewn up (at a sewing meetup, I'll talk about later, in between those IOU posts), I feel like the crotch looks too short, especially since I still need to turn it down for an elastic tube.  I believe I'll end up adding a waistband, most likely from a t shirt material.  I'll have to have her try them on first.  Yes these look awfully short but remember, they are culottes.

Anyway, you can tell that they are going to be awfully cute for spring.  Ahh, spring again.  Can you tell I am dying here.  BRRR!


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